The seahorse - A waltz for life

In the Canary Islands archipelago, on the island of Gran Canaria, a small group of researchers study the short-snouted seahorse, Hippocampus hippocampus. Their aim: to deepen the knowledge of the populations in their natural environment, establish broodstocks in aquarium and optimize breeding techniques in captivity to possibly repopulate the species.
Through the work of those researchers, we familiarize ourselves with the fascinating world of seahorses, in their natural environment as well in aquarium.



2007 - Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine – ANTIBES (France)
Prix de l'Institut océanographique Paul Ricard (Version française)

2008 - International Underwater Photography & Film Festival
International Eastern Mediterranean Underwater Festival - CYPRUS
3rd Place Amateur Category - Documentary (English version)

2008 - Fête de l'Image Sous-Marine – STRASBOURG (France)
Prix Spécial du Jury (Version française)

2008 – PAF Tachov International Diving Festival – TACHOV (Czech Republic)
2nd Place Video Amateur – Sea Water (English version)

2008 – Celebrate The Sea – PHILIPPINES
Finalist Film – Official Selection (English version)

2008 – Marmara Festival : 8th International Underwater Photo/Video Festival – ISTANBUL (Republic of Turkey)
Haluk Cecan Special Award (English version)

2008 – Festival International du Film Maritime d'Exploration et d'Environnement – TOULON (France)
Prix Océan TV Moscou (Version française)

2008 – 21º Muestra de Cine Submarino de Valladolid – VALLADOLID (España)
Premio Especial – Artista Invitado (Versión española)

2009 – 33º Ciclo de Cine Submarino – SAN SEBASTIAN-DONOSTIA (España)
Premio Especial – Artista Invitado (Versión española)

2009 – Cinesub – VALENCIA (España)
Selección Oficial (Versión española)

2010 – Festisub – NEUCHÂTEL (Suisse)
Prix Spécial – Artiste Invité (Version française)